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The Container Tippler concept was developed and patented to address the shortcomings identified in existing technologies.


The system allows for the fast and efficient engagement, unloading and repositioning of closely spaced ISO sized open top containers, from road or rail transport wagons. Due to the mechanism of operation, once the container is safely engaged, the control system can take over full functionality to lift, unload and reposition the empty container, without human intervention. This would significantly increase the throughput capability of the Container Tippler, as in the case with Wagon Tipplers.

The basic concept of the system is as follows:

- The Container Tippler grab is aligned relative to the container twist lock pockets by either long travelling of the complete assembly, relative to the container position. This can be done for both half-height or full height containers as shown.

- The Container Tippler engages the container twist lock pockets of the container to be unloaded by means of a mechanical grab assembly, which clears the neighbouring containers.  The design therefore allows for the safe engagement of closely spaced containers on road or rail wagons.

- The Container Tippler lifts the full container by means of a counterweight assisted pivot drive assemblies, while keeping the container orientation horizontal with the help of a duel tip cylinder arrangement.  Once fully retracted the tip cylinders is locked in position which allows the container to start with the tip process, while being supported on the grab support beams.

- With the container in a 90-degree position, the material can flow from the container onto the chute assembly, which guide the material to the receiving bin.

- To complete the tip process, the tip cylinders extend to allow for the complete emptying of the container into the receiving bin. Should the material not flow freely, the tip cylinders can be pulsed to allow for the removal of all stored materials.

- Upon completion of the unloading process the tip cylinders as well as pivot drive assemblies orientate and return the empty container to its lift position, ensuring exact placement in the original position.

The system can be utilised in the following methods:

Wagons indexed with stationary bin

Wagons stationary with moving bin assembly

Incorporated into other systems, to lift and tip containers arriving via rail or road.


The following system variations are foreseen

Rail mounted with diesel power pack

Rail mounted with electrical power pack and cable reel arrangement

Track or Wheel mounted with wire guidance


It is further foreseen that future versions will be fully automated with automatic container position detection, engagement, unloading and re-positioning. This is possible due to the well conceptualised mechanism of operation.


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