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Specialised Container Agencies specialises in supplying niche market container products to our international client base. We strive to create value through supply chain architecture.


We endeavour to combine the benefits of rail and road transport, thereby saving costs and minimising labour. Boosting the utilisation of rail infrastructure will significantly reduce transport costs, decrease national road congestion and minimise product damage, while reducing overall carbon footprint.

Our products are designed for rapid and efficient off-loading of materials from both rail wagons and road trucks, using specialised equipment and products. Advantages include cost-efficient, easy handling of bulk, improved safety for drivers and cargo, resulting in reduced insurance premiums. Continual evaluation of unique supply chain options and cost efficiency remain our key priority.

We pride ourselves in our ethos of service excellence, and strive to build meaningful, authentic relationships as we inherently believe in the essence and potential that exists in human connection or interaction.

Specialised Container Agencies is owned by Ken Mouritzen and Dirch Olsen, both key players with years of experience in the Logistics field. Their knowledge and insight of the transport industry position them as specialists in their respective fields.

SCA is a statement of both faith and intent, and reflects both Ken and Dirch’s belief in the future of South Africa, as well as their commitment to continually improve supply chains both in terms of efficiency and cost.


1 Rotterdam Rd, Bayhead, Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Box 12392, Jacobs, Durban, 4026

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