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The Big Tipper

is a 12m Elevated Container Tipper Frame  designed to be levelable and installed on any sufficiently compacted surface. The ECTF is designed to tip a 12m container, with a gross mass of up to 32 000kg, 50° to one side. It is a fully functioning unit and does not require any external systems (electric or hydraulic) to function. An on-board diesel generator is used to power the ECTF’s hydraulic power pack. The power pack then powers a multistage, frontend hydraulic cylinder which extends and tips the container.



 Unique Features and Benefits:

  • An elevated, loose-standing frame that facilitates tipping of any container or accessory with a     standard 40ft ISO container bottom interface.

  • Tip up to 50° in less than five minutes.

  • Safe Working Load (S.W.L.) of 32 metric tons

  • Transportable on a standard 12m flatbed trailer. Corner castings integrated in the feet of the      ECTF (standard 40ft ISO container bottom interface) tie up with the twist-locks on the flatbed.

  • Designed in accordance with legal road limits in terms of weight and height.

  • The frame is a pre-assembled / stand-alone unit which can easily be transferred from one site to                 another.

  • Strategically positioned corner castings at the top of the ECTF (standard 20ft ISO container           interface) make relocating / moving simple using standard container moving equipment.

  • One man operable using a standard wired pendant.

  • Locally manufactured and supported.

  • Industry proven and supported equipment/components used.


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