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The 4-Way Tipping Flatrack is a versatile tipping frame designed to tie-up with most 6m/20ft skeletal trailers.

The Tipping Flatrack, which uses a simple ‘Plug-n-Play’ standard air and hydraulic interface, can easily tip in four directions (front, back, right and left) of any bin, container or accessory with a standard 6m/20ft ISO container bottom interface by simply locking any two of the four corners/hinge points of the frame. 


Any standard 6m skeletal trailer can be turned into a four-way tipper.  The frame is a pre-assembled unit which can easily be transferred from one trailer to another.

The 4-way Tipping flatrack is locally manufactured and supported in South Africa. Industry proven and supported equipment/components are used in the design, which comply with legal road limits in terms of weight and height.

Tipping direction can be switched in less than one minute.  Tip lengthwise at angles of up to 45 degrees, and tip sideways at angles of up to 30 degrees.  It has a S.W.L. of 20T at a minimum Factor of Safety (F.O.S.) of 2. 

Reduce unloading time, as the truck can easily be positioned to offload in the right spot – no need to spend lots of time and effort to manoeuvre to the right spot. This also saves on fuel costs.  Less space is needed to unload.

All of the above ensure high functionality and efficiency.



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